Your time is valuable! Volunteers are always welcomed and appreciated.

Whether you live in Humboldt County or across the globe, there is always something you can do to help give shelter.

As of now, we are in need of volunteers interested in the following work:

  • Shelter design evolution, prototyping and testing
  • Configured shelter systems definition, e.g. Latrines, schoolrooms, clinics of different service foci, computer and communications center…
  • Low-cost hard-shell U-Domes for domestic homeless shelter, integrated with managed transitional programs (including required and complementary services for the path towards permanent housing)
  • Modeling a continuum of shelter provision after disaster, from emergency relief through transitional shelter through to permanent shelter
  • Shelter training for field workers and team leaders

To inquire about volunteering:
Email: execasst@ worldshelters.org
Phone: +01-707-822-6600