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The TShel2 is our newest shelter, but one we’re especially excited about.  The possibilities of the TShel2 are vast.  A two-story design with a raised platform floor supported by adjustable, telescoping anchors gives the TShel2 a lot of square footage with a minimal on-the-ground footprint.  Very modular and easily adjustable, the TShel2 can be adapted to fit many different specifications.

TShel2 in Haiti

TShel2 in Haiti

Design specifications:

  • 18 square meters interior (190 square feet), 6 square meters exterior
  • 12 square meter footprint
  • secures to ground with load-rated earth anchors
  • legs telescope to raise or lower shelter as needed
  • vented roof ridge
  • shaded porch for outdoor cooking
  • walls made of lightweight yet durable corrugated polypropolene
  • designed to withstand 100 mile wind load, with a 1.5 saftey rating
  • can be easily modified or combined with another TShel2 to create more space
TShel2 Interior

TShel2 Interior

We also have the TShel2 48m2, a larger structure that eliminates the outdoor kitchen and provides even more space with only a 24 square meter footprint.

Modular shelters can easily handle additions, such as an entryway.

Any of these shelters can be easily outfitted with composting toilets, solar panels for electricity, propane heating, and water collection cisterns.

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