World Shelters is on the leading edge of transitional shelter.  With our TranShel, we are demonstrating the viability and effectiveness of frameless hard-panel (“shell”) structures for transitional shelter purposes.  Four agencies were asked to develop a design that met the requirements of the Transitional Shelter Standards drafted by the Shelter Centre (the NGO supporting the humanitarian community in post-conflict and disaster shelter and housing). We were the only agency that both met the Requirements Checklist within the time-frame and that were able to produce a production-ready shelter for display at the Shelter Consortium meeting in Geneva (May 2009).

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TransShel Flyer 2009


  • Very low price point
  • Meets and exceeds functional requirements for emergency transitional shelter
  • Easily modified to local cultures & materials


  • Rectangular floor plan
  • Can serve as roof on any wall one meter or taller, or can come with its own Riser Wall panels for complete shelter.
  • Production ready

Our success in this 10-week project indicates our ability to rapidly develop a broad line of shell structures that achieve the performance requirements of the current Transitional Shelter Standards. For more information about the TranShel, please contact us at or 707-822-6600.

Engineering Analysis

Click Here to download the engineering analysis of the TransShel.

Additional Information

Click Here to download for a summary of information on the TranShel.

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