World Shelters has deployed Q-Shelters globally in disaster relief and humanitarian projects since 1986. Recent uses include tsunami-devastated areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India, and in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. Q-Shelters take two people 40 minutes to erect, weigh 120 pounds and are shipped in two 60-pound parcels. Two people can carry the 240 ft2 shelter to its site.

Q-Shelter design allows in-country shelter production from inexpensive ClipKits, minimizing air freight and material costs. This enables wages to be paid to local workers and conversion of local sheeting and pole materials into self-supporting structures. ClipKits maximize the utility of the flame-retardant UV-resistant, heavy-gauge sheeting delivered after every disaster by USAID, the UN and the Red Cross.

The Q-Shelter is available for purchase, but not through our website.
Please contact us for sales information:
Call 707-822-6600 or email info@ worldshelters.org

Q-Shelter in Sri Lanka