A great shelter.
A new shelter paradigm.
Advantageous solution for a wide range of transitional shelter needs.

U-Dome Home


  • Simple assembly
  • Low cost
  • Withstand high wind, heavy rain, and light snow
  • Hard walls for durability
  • Lightweight shipping

  • Design Features:

  • Flame retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Weather tight
  • Shingled construction
  • Panels form internal support struts
  • Standard 24″ x 72″ rv-style screen & panel door
  • Window & vents included
  • Joist floor & platform plans
  • 200 square feet
  • 16 ft diameter, 12 ft tall
  • All tools and fasteners included
  • Accessories can be added! Brochure here.

    Price: $2,495.00

    Options & Accessories

    Roof Vent Kit

    Aluminum hooded vent blocks wind and rain. 4″ diameter opening. Seals with silicone caulk (provided). Includes pattern for cutting hole (razor knife included with U-Dome). No other tools required.
    Not intended as a stove vent. Price: $29.50

    Window Kit

    Triangular window of acrylic (Plexiglas) sheet, installs in a shingled opening for no leaking. Includes pattern for cutting hole (razor knife included with U-Dome). No other tools required. Price: $49.00

    Additional Options & Pricing:

    • Pre-hung screen and aluminum double RV door……$275.00
    • Windows (Opening)……$74.00
    • Panel Vents……$29.50
    • Propane heater with venting……$489.00
    • Composting toilet……Call for pricing, varies by model
    • Propane shower……$365.00
    • High efficiency electric heater
    • Stove vent
    • Double shell dome withstands snow loads
    • Climate-adaptable modification available
    • Off-grid energy sources compatible with U-Dome:
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Propane generator
    • Water collection and cistern
    U-Dome at the Triennale di Milano

    U-Dome at the Triennale di Milano

    The U-Dome was featured at the Triennale di Milano exhibition titled “Una Casa Per Tutti/A House For All”.  You can find great information about and more photos from the exhibition here and here.

    Give Shelter!

    Purchase of a U-Dome for personal use also helps provide shelter for refugees and disaster responses.

    If you don’t need a dome yourself, but want to sponsor a dome for someone in need, you can securely donate through paypal (tax-deductible):

    U-Dome Structural Analysis Report Oct 2009