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March 16th, 2011

We have a number of projects currently in place or developing on the ground in Haiti.  The first is a partnership with ACTS World Relief, where we were able to provide two 44 ft. diameter steel frame domes with tropical-grade covers and solar-powered vents as well as U-Dome 200s and U-Dome 120s for use by the Eden Garden Orphanage.  The site is up and running on Highway 1, just north of Port-Au-Prince, and we look forward to hearing more about how they are putting our domes to great use.  World Shelters has also donated two 44 ft. diameter steel frame domes with tropical-grade covers and solar-powered vents to Mercy Corps, to be used on the ground in Haiti.  Together these domes provide over 3,000 square feet of space and have a usable life of 10-12 years.  We have also provided them with two of our regular U-Dome 120s.  These domes will all be used for a new agricultural community that Mercy Corps is helping to organize, with the two large domes most likely being used as a school and clinic.  World Shelters can’t wait to see these domes in action!  We also have a field demonstration model of the TShel2 up and available for viewing in the Delmas 33 camp.  Hopefully this model can be used to show the space-saving and safety attributes of a 2-story raised platform transitional shelter.  World Shelters continues to maintain a presence in Haiti and is optimistic about the possibility of increasing that presence in the future with the right support.

Thank you to all who came to the benefit concert and supported World Shelters’ Haitian relief efforts at the Red Fox Tavern in Eureka, CA on January 28!


Click the links below for summary information on the World Shelters Field Hospital Trauma Center, JAS “Just Add Sticks”shelters, Gabions (wire cage frames that convert rubble into walls), and TranShel transitional shelters. Funds are currently being raised through Project Support Partners and World Shelters.

Haiti: Relief, Rebuilding and Recovery

webhait2The devastation from the January 12 earthquake in Haiti is horrific. Loss of life and survivors’ injuries are at an unprecedented scale for this region. The extent of building collapse and damage will soon become clearer but is extremely widespread. A significant percentage of homes and commercial/municipal buildings will need to be rebuilt – “built back better”. Many thousands of Haitian families are now without shelter. Beyond the immediate imperative to rescue and provide medical care, food and water for survivors, assistance to Haiti must further the longer-term goals of rebuilding and recovery.

webhaiti4Though it has been less than one day since the earthquake as we write this, World Shelters and our collaborating partners are actively developing our projects and evaluating needs based on assessments from the field. Your support of World Shelters’ Haitian relief efforts will provide a maximum value in context-appropriate shelter that will help make the transition towards permanent housing “built back better”.

Please click on the link below to see our more extensive write-up.

Haiti: Relief, Rebuilding and Recovery