World Shelters in the News

Kudos for Haiti relief efforts
Humboldt Beacon. Feb. 24, 2010

“Dear Editor, Thank you very much, students and staff of Fortuna Middle School. for your incredibly generous contribution of $706 towards World Shelters’ Haiti Relief efforts. Our team will soon be on their way to Haiti to help coordinate and assemble shelters funded by donations like yours. Doctors will use these shelters for surgeries and other medical procedures and also to care for patients before and after treatment. …”
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Roasts & Toasts
Times-Standard. Feb. 22, 2010

“Toast: To the Arcata-based nonprofit organization World Shelters for once again showing why Humboldt County is touted so highly for its generous spirit. With the support of Pacific Domes and other donors, World Shelters has shipments under way to Haiti, sending more than 7,000 square feet of structures to meet the expressed needs of both Doctors Without Borders and Port-au-Prince’s Adventist Hospital, and they’ll also be taking materials to demonstrate design options for emergency and transitional family shelters. If more businesses gave so generously, the world would be a much different place…”
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More shelters headed for Haiti
Times-Standard. Feb. 19, 2010

“The Arcata-based nonprofit organization World Shelters is lending a helping hand to Haiti. With the support of Pacific Domes and other donors, World Shelters has shipments under way to Haiti, sending more than 7,000 square feet of structures to meet the expressed needs of both Doctors Without Borders and Port-au-Prince’s Adventist Hospital. The World Shelters team in Haiti — Program Manager Jason Hervin and Project Engineer Armand Mullin — will assemble these structures after delivery, which is expected to take place in the first week of March…”
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$100 DIY Shelter Could Help Homeless Haitians
Wired. Feb. 16, 2010

“With just $100 worth of plywood and screws, almost anyone can build a shelter known as a Hexayurt that can last three years and possibly even withstand a hurricane. The simple DIY structure could be a critical temporary solution for some of the estimated 1 million or more people left homeless in quake-torn Haiti. Aid agencies have distributed around 10,000 tents to Haiti so far, according to to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), one of the dozens of charity groups in Haiti focused on emergency shelter. But 200,000 are needed, and even then, the tents won’t stand up to the weather…”
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World Shelters helping out in Haiti
Times-Standard. Feb. 16, 2010

“An Arcata nonprofit is teaming up with an Oregon company to help out in Haiti by donating about 3,500 square feet of shelter for medical facilities. Bruce LeBel, executive director of World Shelters, said his organization worked closely with other nongovernmental organizations and contacts it has had for a while to make sure the donation would get to where it was needed most…” Read the article.

Letter to the Editor: Helping to shelter Haitians
Times-Standard. Feb. 4, 2010

“Through the amazing efforts of Brad Van Pelt, Pam Johnson, Tisha Sloan and Everyl productions, the Jan. 28th benefit concert at The Red Fox Tavern went beyond expectations, raising $3,600 for Haiti Relief Projects being organized by World Shelters. Special thanks to all the reggae artists whose music inspired all those who attended: Aka Boom Sound, Jab Tory, Elhadgi, Doondoon Fare, Ishi Dube, Jah Sun, One 0′ One Dogs. Many thanks also go to Lost Coast Limo Service, which provided free transportation for the event, and Brent McCormick for opening The Red Fox for this benefit….” Read the article.

5 emergency shelters for use after disasters
Security Info Watch. Oct. 29, 2009

“One of the things that is often not given a lot of thought in the aftermath of natural or man made disaster are the importance of shelters and temporary relief housing for those who have lost their homes. In the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the summer of 2005, the Federal Emergency Management Agency spent $2.7 billion to purchase 145,000 mobile homes and trailers to serve as temporary housing for those affected by the storms, according to a report published by the Associated Press….”
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Quick, easy, light and durable shelters
Times-Standard. Oct. 25, 2009

20091025__local_arcatanightshelter_gallery “Engineers were on hand at the Arcata Night Shelter’s Boyd Road facility Saturday, but their advanced skills weren’t necessary to put together the five waterproof, fire-retardant World Shelters U-Dome 120s that will provide a sheltering stopgap while the main house is expanded in the coming months. Volunteers were gathered at the All Faiths Partnership facility early Saturday morning as part of…” Read the article.

World Shelters, known for global humanitarian relief, sets sights locally
Times-Standard. Oct. 24, 2009.

From the Times Standard 10-24-09 “Don’t tell Bruce LeBel that there’s no solution to homelessness. In fact, don’t even use the word “homeless” in his presence.

”The term ‘homeless’ just engenders discrimination and is disparaging,” said LeBel, executive director of the Arcata-based World Shelters. “I prefer ‘persons unsheltered,’ which starts with the fact they’re people, and then that they happen to be in an unsheltered state.”

While World Shelters’ main focus is…”  Read the artcle.

Domes for the Homeless
Huffington Post. Oct. 8, 2009.

Huffington Post logo“Is it possible to construct a village of new homes in a day, providing much-needed housing for the homeless in Ventura County, California? The answer is yes if you have a few hundred volunteers, two battalions of Navy Sea-Bees, an innovative design for geodesic domes, and some vision.

The innovative…” Read the article.

‘Day of Caring’ draws hundreds of volunteers
Ventura County Star. Sept. 26, 2009.

20090926-161040-pic-620127253_t160-1 “Hundreds of people gave up their free time today to help with 18 community service projects across Ventura County as part of the United Way’s 20th annual Day of Caring.

In Westlake Village, Linda Reinas was one of several people toiling…” Read the article.

Keeping the Doors Open: World Shelters Steps in During Renovation
The Lumberjack. Humboldt State University. Sept. 20, 2009.

“With winter weather coming, homeless people in Arcata can rest assured that Arcata Night Shelter is prepared.

World Shelters along with Arcata Night Shelter will erect five U-Domes for homeless people to find refuge during the cold winter months. The U-Domes will serve as temporary housing while the current shelter will be undergoing renovation. The improvements being made on the three bedroom ranch house will allow the shelter to expand services from an 11 to a 20 person occupancy. The tentative plans include…” Read the article.

Hope for the homeless at River Haven: a push for self-sufficiency
Ventura County Reporter. Aug. 20, 2009.

news_dome “River Haven, a tent city for the homeless, is located on a piece of land just off the Santa Clara River. Since 2004, the Turning Point Foundation and the city of Ventura have been actively involved in a progressive effort to see the homeless residents at River Haven move toward self-sufficiency.

River Haven’s genesis evolved from a…” Read the article.