Seeking Collaboration to Provide for Homeless

World Shelters has been seeking and establishing collaborations with governments, agencies, and organizations throughout the U.S. to provide shelter and complementary services required on the path towards permanent housing for people who are currently homeless.

Specifically, World Shelters proposes Integrated Transitional Program’s (ITP)’s with governments, agencies, and organizations. With ITPs, established local agencies provide stability and access to resources including ultra low-cost transitional shelter to those homeless individuals seeking permanent housing. The ITP is a sustainable solution to filling the transitional shelter and employment gap within the continuum of care towards permanent housing. This sustainability derives from the fact that the homeless themselves will be paying the cost of their own shelter, including hot showers. World Shelters is able to provide U-Dome shelters at an extremely low cost, with a lease option to aid cash flow. With the shelter cost of under $2 per person per day, there is now inherent affordability and dignity by the homeless themselves paying for shelter and showers. Governments, agencies, and organizations can now provide shelter in a stable setting, in which they can also provide much needed services such as case management, wage earning opportunities, social services and access to physical and mental health services.

World Shelters is able to provide the following as part of the Integrated Transitional Program (ITS):

Shelter: Provision of, and deployment assistance for, ultra-low-cost hard-panel U-Dome shelters.

Sanitation: Hot showers as components of a housing continuum of care. Self-contained portable toilets and sinks can be provided by a local service.

Sustainable Lease Option: Provides sustainable solution to the funding of homeless emergency shelter services . With the leasing option, the cost of sleeping in a U-Dome and using a hot shower is $2 per day or less, an affordable price for many homeless individuals.

Wage earning opportunities: The collaborating agencies can create their own temporary employment service as a “livelihoods” element of the program .World Shelters has defined a methodology and relationships to achieve all required elements of a temp agency.

Community Collaboration: World Shelters is willing and able to collaborate with governments, agencies, and organizations that are committed to providing the equivalent of an ADA ramp for homeless individuals towards permanent housing and re-entry to the social and economic milieu. World Shelters seeks to combine shelter, hot showers, sanitation, and security with case management and access to social services, a “livelihoods” element and physical and mental health services.

World Shelters looks forward to further dialoguing with national homeless advocates regarding the steps to their specifically locally defined missions, goals, objectives and resources for an integrated initiative we may achieve together.

Product Overview

U-Dome HomeU-Dome: World Shelters’ U-Dome is a durable, low-cost, SPHERE-compliant shelter: 200 square feet x 12ft tall dome roof on vertical walls, flame-retardant, 140lbs, ships flat. Able to assemble in four hours, with four people. Also can be equipped for snow loads. U-Dome Winterized

SPHERE is a collaboration of international agencies that sets standards for all emergency response materials. Our shelters are priced as the lowest total cost to point of use SPHERE-compliant transitional shelters.

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