Giving Shelter

Your tax-deductible donation gives shelter to those in need. Our relief and development work is funded by the generosity of donors, as well as by sales of our shelters for personal and business use. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) manufacturer and volunteer organization. We would be delighted to accept your contribution, and to speak with you more.

We provide secure online credit card donating though PayPal:

Giving Through Ebay

In addition, we welcome World Shelters supporters to donate their Ebay sales to our Non-Profit account through Ebay’s MissionFish program. You can find the link to our Non-Profit MissionFish account Here

Thank you!

A warm thanks to all of our donors, past, present, and future. This work is possible because of your generosity and support.

We can set up a donor plan that is right for you, and can consider recurring donations, legacy gifts, in-kind donations, and gifts of stock as well as cash. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding opportunities to contribute.

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or fax +1.707.633.1737