U-Dome featured at architecture and design expose at the world-famous Triennale Museum in Milan, Italy

June 25th 2008 –Finally everyone is back and work at World Shelters continues in full-swing in America after an Italian expedition that continues for our U-Dome. Bruce, Rick, and Steven traveled to Milan where World Shelters was honored by the renowned Triennale di Milano museum of architecture and design by featuring their newest disaster relief shelter, the U-Dome, in the museums’ annual “Una Casa per Tutti” or “A House for All” exhibit.

U-Dome in Milan The “Una Casa per Tutti” exhibit will continue until September 14th. The curators’ intention of the exhibition is to present exemplary architectural and design ideas from the past along with those from contemporary, inventive organizations and designers. The invitation by the international architecture and design foundation Triennale di Milano recognizes World Shelters’ innovative design with a humanitarian focus.

“World Shelters’ U-Dome is simple, economical, and compact, and can do many things. From the European perspective, it is important that many domes can be gathered to make a community like a village,” said Fulvio Irace, the Scientific Curator for Architecture at the Trienalle. Within the “Casa Per Tutti” exhibit, the U-Dome is the only shelter shown in full scale that is currently in production and able to be manufactured and distributed in large quantities for effective disaster relief and other humanitarian shelter applications.

“We are thrilled to be chosen as one of the world’s most innovative disaster relief structures,” said World Shelters Executive Director, Bruce LeBel. “We will continue to produce functioning, affordable and masterfully designed structures to aid people who find themselves without shelter.”

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