Transforming River Haven: World Shelters provides U-Domes for integrated transitional shelter program

Here’s what’s happening:

After two years of discussion and planning, World Shelters and the Turning Point Foundation are now moving forward on a major project to redesign and improve River Haven, a transitional housing program for 25 previously unsheltered individuals in Ventura, California. Between September 15th and 27th, the worn out tents that have been used until now will be removed and replaced by six 200 square foot World Shelters U-Domes and thirteen 120 square foot modified U-Domes on new wooden platforms. The units will have locking doors, windows and vents.

Many Ventura community volunteers will complete the project this month. Our executive director, Bruce LeBel, will do a training on dome assembly in Ventura on September 12. During the week of September 14, a group of Seabees will grade the site and build platforms. On September 26, Bruce and other World Shelters staff will join over 100 volunteers assembling U-Domes and installing them on the platforms as part of the United Way Day of Caring. World Shelters is honored to be collaborating and helping provide quality shelter for the residents of River Haven.

More about Turning Point:

Last year the Turning Point Foundation, in Ventura, CA, served over 500 mentally ill adults, many of whom were previously unsheltered. As a non-profit mental health agency for over 20 years, it provides a spectrum of services including supported housing programs, rehabilitation and recovery services. Turning Point has operated River Haven for 25 persons who pay monthly camp fees and are allowed to stay up to 2 years. Clyde Reynolds, Executive Director, describes River Haven as “a self governed tent community where their basic needs [are met] in a stable, sanitary environment free of violence, drugs and alcohol until residents are able to access permanent housing”. Each resident is responsible for developing a plan towards his or her personal preferred state, attend community meetings and help with maintenance and work projects. You can learn more about Turning Point and River Haven at . For more information on the project, see the Ventura County Reporter article here


You can help us

World Shelters is accepting donations to support our participation in this important project that demonstrates a sensible and humane approach to sheltering persons who are unsheltered. Bruce, our hard-working, volunteer executive director, has put in countless hours on this project. Donations right now will help with World Shelters travel, documentation and additional administrative costs for this project. It’s easy to use our PayPal on this website or mail us a check.

There are more projects coming to shelter homeless. Check our blog again soon for more information.

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  1. Survey Day « SHELTER Says:

    […] World Shelters and the Turning Point Foundation have teamed to create  housing for 25 individuals. In the place of the tents will be six 200 square foot U-Domes and 13 120-square foot U-Domes on wooden platforms. The structures have locking doors, windows and vents. The U-Domes are pre-fab structures, and tomorrow morning they will be part of an amazing experiment.  Several hundred volunteers will arrive to set them up.  The catch?  They will be learning “on the job.” Bruce LeBel, who heads up World Shelters, wants to see if its possible for volunteers to create a community in a day. “I expect that if we have 100 people in six hours we will get through it. Can U-Domes be erected by unskilled people?  We’ll see!  That’s our experiment.”  — Bruce LeBel […]

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