World Shelters Demonstrates U-Domes in Sacramento for the “Safe Ground” Homeless Shelter Initiative

World Shelters is honored to be working with a collaboration of organizations in Sacramento to promote the “Safe Ground” model for ultra-low cost shelter with integrated complementary services. Loaves and Fishes, the lead agency, has provided services to the needy in Sacramento for over 20 years. On June 19-20, 2009 World Shelters and a crew of currently homeless volunteers assembled two U-Domes at the headquarters of Loaves and Fishes. This step toward providing “shelter with dignity” was supported by private donations for the cost of the shelters.



World Shelters Executive Director, Bruce LeBel, and long-time World Shelters supporter, Steven Elias, coordinated the assembly and demonstrated a solar-powered evaporative cooler, solar fans and lights, and off-grid heating system.


Steven Elias and Lisa Elias-Berg in front of the U-Dome200 and solar-powered evaporative cooler

The U-Dome80 is 80ft2, for individuals, and the U-Dome200 is 200ft2, for couples or parent(s) with child. These fire-retardant shelters provide safe secure private space, and are intended for use in just the kind of program envisioned by the public-private partnership working to achieve the “Safe Ground” program.


A volunteer takes a rest in the U-Dome200

A volunteer takes a rest in the U-Dome200

We’d like to acknowledge the many dedicated people working toward creating “emergence through emergency”, including: Sister Libby, Executive Director of Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, Greg Bunker from Francis House, Maureen Wilson and Mark Merin from the Safe Ground Coalition, and the generous donors and hard-working volunteers who made this possible.

With the impending closure of shelters in Sacramento at the end of June, Safe Ground is planning an event on July 1st to catalyze support for sheltering homeless. For more information on the Safe Ground initiative please visit

We will keep you appraised of any further news and details as they become available.

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  1. michelle peterson Says:

    i would like more information to submit to my corporation to see if they will support a fundraising activity for the benefit of this organization. thank you

  2. worldshelters Says:


    We would be happy to give you more information on the initiative for “Safe Ground” in Sacramento. Please email us directly at with your contact information so we can respond. Thank you for your interest.


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