Lee Schneider discusses persons unsheltered in Huffington Post

DocuCinema Founder Lee Schneider (who is producing the SHELTER movie) discussed the increasing problem of persons unsheltered in California as well as World Shelters’ solution to this problem in the Dec. 11 Huffington Post article Running the Numbers: Homelessness in America

Schneider discussed the Ventura County Star‘s report from earlier this year that addressed the 12 percent increase in Ventura County’s unsheltered population within the last two years. From Jan. 27-30, volunteers joined Ventura County Homeless and Housing and Urban Initiatives staff to count 2,193 persons unsheltered in Ventura County on any given day. To look for people, they searched in “river bottoms, parks, libraries, parking lots and recycling centers as well as agencies where homeless go for food and shelter”. However, such counts are very difficult to conduct accurately and federal estimates place the number around 8,000 persons unsheltered in Ventura County.

Schneider credits World Shelters and other architects and designers working on “inventive solutions” to this problem.

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