HSU Lumberjack features World Shelters and Arcata Night Shelter Project

pay people to do your homeworkThe HSU Lumberjack published an article on Sept. 23 about World Shelters and the upcoming Arcata Night Shelter project with the Humboldt All Faith Partnership. The article discussed the need for and logistics of the local project, which will shelter persons unsheltered on a parcel of land just north of Arcata city limits. This project is scheduled to begin in early October. The article text is below and the link is available pay people to do your homework.

Keeping The Doors Open: World Shelters Steps in During Renovations

By Danny Froloff

With winter weather coming, homeless people in Arcata can rest assured that Arcata Night Shelter is prepared.

World Shelters along with Arcata Night Shelter will erect five U-Domes for homeless people to find refuge during the cold winter months. The U-Domes will serve as temporary housing while the current shelter will be undergoing renovation. The improvements being made on the three bedroom ranch house will allow the shelter to expand services from an 11 to a 20 person occupancy. The tentative plans include three new bedrooms, a new kitchen space and bathrooms.

The Arcata Night Shelter located next to Almqiust Lumber on Boyd St. in the industrial section of Arcata, will be using the front lawn as the temporary shelter during the next few months. Glen Twombly, a retired designer and project manager will be overseeing the build and thinks construction on the old shelter might not happen until May or June. The shelters will be “demonstrator models leased from World Shelters for an indefinite period,” said Glen Twombly. The price tag on a new shelter runs about $2,495.

The project, funded by a Community Development Block Grant, is in its final phases and still requires county approval, which could go through this week. After approval, the next step is a competitive bidding process that would lead to the choosing of a contractor, leaving then the actual build. “It’s a two-year process and were at the one-and-a-half-year mark,” said Mike Twombly the Arcata Night shelter manager (no relation to Glen Twombly).

Mike Twombly has been in charge of providing housing to the homeless for the past eight years in Arcata. He understands the partnership the shelter has with community volunteers. “It’s important to recognize the efforts of the congregations and individuals who have provided meals every night for the past eight years.” said Mike Twombly.

He said “The shelter is busy 365 days a year,” emphasizing the importance of the temporary U-domes being provided by World Shelters.

World Shelters are coming to Arcata and “were very excited to have a local project,” said Kristen Pope, executive assistant for World Shelters. The World Shelters brand has been involved with projects domestically as well as over seas and has had a positive public response to these low cost, highly functional shelters.

World Shelters is a nonprofit organization that allows donors to purchase the tax deductible shelters under Pay Pal. The company, based in Arcata has done work for foreign relief and was a part of the humanitarian efforts during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The 200-square-foot U-domes are fire retardant, mold resistant and can be easily erected and taken down. With windows and 12 foot ceilings the domes provide “a safe and humane alternative to classic cot dwellings. Giving shelters is an investment in civilization and an act of kindness.” said LeBel. The shelters can also be equipped with showers, composting toilets and solar panels. World Shelters offers several different designs and can be used in a diverse fashion.

This project happening on Oct. 24, is sponsored by Humboldt All-Safe project in partnership with All Faith Congregation a non-denominational nonprofit organization.  The project is looking for volunteers for a number of needs such as caulking, assembly, and painting. You can contact Kristen Pope about Arcata Night Shelter Project at 707-822-6600.

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